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Contracting Kings has been one of MoneyPen's earliest clients, so they're in a great position to give readers a complete look at how the system has changed their business.

About Contracting Kings:

Contracting Kings ( has been in business for 25 years, and has 12 employees. They are an electrical contracting company servicing domestic, industrial and commercial clients in Gippsland.

Why Contracting Kings needed MoneyPen:

Kevin King, founder of Contracting Kings, was finding that he had two central business challenges: The first was the amount of time his team lost doing paperwork. The second was invoicing - getting invoices out and money in was a constant headache.

How MoneyPen helped Mr. King overcome his mountain of paperwork and invoicing difficulties:

MoneyPen streamlined invoicing, providing automated solutions for Kevin's team to choose their materials and create an invoice quickly and easily. All prices for materials are digitally stored, so you know you're charging the correct rates, every time.

The other big change that MoneyPen made to Mr. King's business was in job organisation: with MoneyPen's job automation features, the entire process become more efficient, and less time consuming.

Contracting Kings on the main benefits of MoneyPen:

When we asked Mr. King what the main benefits of MoneyPen were for his company, he answered the following:
  • Improved job communication with employees and clients
  • Increased work through providing clients with online access to my business
  • Improved invoicing - "we now often get invoices out the same day"!
How Mr. King would describe MoneyPen:

"Awesome! It's like night and day. When we started, we were running a 'paper factory' to now I'm able to run the business from anywhere I can get to a PC."

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