"Coles Electrical Service" has been in business for 53 years, and has 12 employees. They are an electrical contracting firm that specialises in Aged Care Facilities. MoneyPen has helped them revolutionize their business. Please read on to hear more on the big impact our system made:

Before MoneyPen:

We asked Mr. Coles what his biggest challenges were before using MoneyPen. He told us that monitoring jobs overall was his biggest hurdle. This included tracking reoccurring jobs, getting accurate information from the tradesmen on time, and tracking parts and materials used on the jobs.

Why Mr. Coles Chose MoneyPen:

MoneyPen provided the perfect answer for Mr. Coles's needs. It allowed him to monitor jobs from the point of contact with the client, right through to the point of invoicing. While monitoring the jobs had previously been a big headache, now the entire process is completely automated.

The Most Significant Benefits of MoneyPen:

We asked Mr. Coles what he found the most significant benefits of MoneyPen to be. He listed a number:
  • Reliable information on the scope of work on the job
  • Reliable information on the parts and materials used
  • Time savings, as the client can set up their own work requests online and track the job progress without having to ring the office
  • No more doubling of communications: everything is centralized
Bottom Line:

Mr. Coles sums up his experience with MoneyPen in one sentence: "It changes how you operate your business."