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Ashby's Electrical has been in business for 11 years, and has 4 employees. When invoicing started to fall off, they found their solution in MoneyPen.

Why Ashby's Electrical needed MoneyPen:

Ernie succinctly describes why his company needed MoneyPen: "Invoicing jobs became slack". Mr. Corry needed a system that could help him track jobs, estimates, and invoices easily and quickly. That's why he turned to MoneyPen.

How MoneyPen helped Ernie get invoices out quickly, and get the money coming in promptly!

Ernie says: "As it's directly sent to the computer, as sheets are done at the end of a job, we are not forgetting anything, and invoicing is quicker and more efficient". MoneyPen has provided Ernie with a streamlined, "all-in-one" system that results in quicker, more effective invoicing.

Ashby's Electrical on the most important benefits of MoneyPen for their business:

MoneyPen has allowed Ernie to get his invoices out promptly and accurately, which means far improved cash flow. MoneyPen can keep track of all of the materials used for a job, and the hours his employees worked. In his words: "Instantly being able to send in work sheet via phones allows the office to invoice immediately. Turnaround of income is much improved".

How Ernie would describe MoneyPen:


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